Re: [OM] Advice sought--how's and why's of WiFi extenders

Subject: Re: [OM] Advice sought--how's and why's of WiFi extenders
From: "Michael R. Collins" <MRC.OlympusList@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2019 17:01:00 -0400
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
Late to the party, but... I've used this technology (actually the RE450, which is the AC1250 model) at a couple of customer sites to extend a network until they could put in wiring for a new Access Point. Simple and effective. Also has Ethernet jack if you want to place anything else locally; could also be used to place an AP temporarily, with the RE's own network off or on dummy SSID.


On 2019-09-02 4:51 p.m., Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
<<We’ve been using this Devolo system for two years now, and are perfectly happy
<<with it (stable, reliable, and fast).

Thanks for thinking about this, Philippe.  I was hoping to avoid a complete 
redo of all devices hooked to to wifi due to time constraints.  I stumbled into 
a brand new relatively inexpensive Mesh extender.


$49 bucks or so at B&H --more than 3 times the cost of the N300 gizmo but no 
need to worry about 2 separate logins.   I think my current modem/router is past 
its sell -by date. I don't know much about the optical connection business.  I 
suspect the setup will be more complicated than it looks for a non-network savy 
person.    I determined after a bit of research that debugging my Vera controller 
wifi issues would burn hours--tech support had it all done in 40 minutes and knew 
all the usual culprit complications.  I was  correct in my assessment.  I don't 
know how they make any money on such devices that are so finicky to get set up in a 
stable fashion given the tech support time burned.


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