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Subject: Re: [OM] Well, that sucks
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 14:53:38 -0700
Just curious, for the price of the E-M1X why not consider the Lumix DC-S1 + 
25-105? If you are liking the Panasonics. Of course L-mount ...


At 9/11/2019 11:08 AM, Ken wrote:
>I have taken a close look at the G95. I think the camera is probably
>one of the most underrated AND overrated cameras on the market. I
>really like it. But I will say that there is something about the OM-D
>E-M1 Mk II that just seems "better". There's an intangible that makes
>it fall to hand and eye easier to me. That said, I am actually quite
>enamored with the E-M1X, but that ain't happening.
>The dual-mode (IBIS plus OIS) stabilization of the Panasonic is a
>perceived advantage. Honestly, I don't think it's quite the advantage
>as it's made out to be because the combination of the two can result
>in corner vignetting. From video perspective, I think there certainly
>is an advantage, but not for stills.
>If a person were to have ONLY ONE m43 body and was doing any form of
>beyond-basic video, I think the G95 is the one to get. But for stills,
>I think the E-M1 Mk II is a better photographer's camera. It's a
>nuance thing, but Panasonic is better suited for video.
>For situations where photography is the secondary activity, I prefer
>the brick-shaped cameras that follow the Leica design ethos. Panasonic
>has certainly learned much from their continued relationship with
>Leica and has done a good job of incorporating many of the specific
>advantages while still providing mega-features. The GX85, for example,
>is very influenced by Leica and has the same general handling as my
>old L1. I like that. The adjustment dial around the shutter release is
>a good case in point. It just works. This little camera is staying put
>with me till it dies. It's a perfect "go anywhere camera".
>If my wife allowed me to spend my next paycheck on a new camera (not
>happening, but I can dream), and it had to be m43, it would be the
>E-M1X and a couple of decent lenses. If it was half a paycheck, it
>would be the G95 with one decent lens. The video features are of high
>interest to me.
>But it does come down to one specific issue where I think the
>Panasonics are far better than the Olympus cameras. B&W conversions.
>For whatever mysterious reasons, the Panasonic image files naturally
>convert to B&W better than pretty much any camera I've ever tried.
>This is an area where Canons are absolutely horrid. Beyond horrid. Way
>beyond despicable. Olympus and SONY are usually acceptable, but
>Fujifilm, Leica, and Panasonic are MUCH better. And in my personal
>experience, the Panasonics rule in this regard. I can get a really
>nice B&W conversion without even trying. Forget SilverEfex Pro, just
>do a straight conversion in Lightroom and crank a couple of sliders
>around and Bob's your uncle.
>AK Schnozz
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