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Subject: Re: [OM] Well, that sucks
From: Bill Pearce <billpearce@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2019 14:17:44 -0400 (EDT)
What a pleasure to read a sensible response to what could be something else to 
raise my BP. The subject of battery life is one that could be the next single 
card slot big blowup over nothing. A spare is something that could easily fit 
into the little pocket on the RH side of your jeans. Aw hell, I even carried 
spare batteries for film cameras.and I have no back problems related to the 
weight. I like your grown-up attitude, I was just visiting another site where I 
go to elevate my BP, and a big discussion now is over a question of where to 
find a "safe" card reader! (I was going to suggest they ask one if it's on the 
pill, but those guys have not a hint of a sense of humor.) There is one person 
stating that connecting your camera directly to a computer could damage it 
beyond repair. I think every night he checks for monsters under his bed. 

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After spending several days looking at DPReview and a dozen other 
review/comparison sites, my brain is actually leaking out my ears. 

I'm leaning towards the G95, but something about the E-M1 mkII keeps 
tugging at me... 

One thing I find disappointing is that the G95 gets 60 shots less per 
battery than the Oly does. But I can always pick up a couple of extras and 
just swap. The video features are nifty, but I don't shoot much video, so 
that's not my primary ....errrr.... focus. 

I do want to play in the B&W realm more, and Schnozz's comments about the 
Panny's B&W compatibility are a push in that direction. 

The E-M1 ii has both contrast and phase detection, which is sweet. Also, a 
whole lot more focus points. 

Both cameras use the same lenses/flashes, so that's a wash. 

However, with both cameras being reeeeealllllly close, the fact that the 
E-M1 ii body-only is $300 more than the G-95 with a lens may ultimately be 
the deciding factor. If money weren't much of a factor, and I had the 
opportunity to make decent revenue off of it, I wouldn't worry about the 
$300. But for me, especially now, that $300 will buy the battery grip and 
an extra battery or two. 

I think I'll have the cash together by the middle of October, so I still 
have a few weeks to agonize. 

On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:08 PM Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> I have taken a close look at the G95. I think the camera is probably 
> one of the most underrated AND overrated cameras on the market. I 
> really like it. But I will say that there is something about the OM-D 
> E-M1 Mk II that just seems "better". There's an intangible that makes 
> it fall to hand and eye easier to me. That said, I am actually quite 
> enamored with the E-M1X, but that ain't happening. 
> The dual-mode (IBIS plus OIS) stabilization of the Panasonic is a 
> perceived advantage. Honestly, I don't think it's quite the advantage 
> as it's made out to be because the combination of the two can result 
> in corner vignetting. From video perspective, I think there certainly 
> is an advantage, but not for stills. 
> If a person were to have ONLY ONE m43 body and was doing any form of 
> beyond-basic video, I think the G95 is the one to get. But for stills, 
> I think the E-M1 Mk II is a better photographer's camera. It's a 
> nuance thing, but Panasonic is better suited for video. 

> <<snippity>> 

> But it does come down to one specific issue where I think the 
> Panasonics are far better than the Olympus cameras. B&W conversions. 
> For whatever mysterious reasons, the Panasonic image files naturally 
> convert to B&W better than pretty much any camera I've ever tried. 
> This is an area where Canons are absolutely horrid. Beyond horrid. Way 
> beyond despicable. Olympus and SONY are usually acceptable, but 
> Fujifilm, Leica, and Panasonic are MUCH better. And in my personal 
> experience, the Panasonics rule in this regard. I can get a really 
> nice B&W conversion without even trying. Forget SilverEfex Pro, just 
> do a straight conversion in Lightroom and crank a couple of sliders 
> around and Bob's your uncle. 
> AK Schnozz 
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