Re: [OM] Well, that sucks

Subject: Re: [OM] Well, that sucks
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2019 11:36:45 -0800
> What a pleasure to read a sensible response to what could be something else 
> to raise my BP. The subject of battery life is one that could be the next 
> single card slot big blowup over nothing. A spare is something that could 
> easily fit into the little pocket on the RH side of your jeans.

While I would appreciate longer battery life, these things are small
enough and light enough to be a non-issue. Except for video stuff and
time-lapses which gut the batteries. I definitely do need a third
battery for the DMC-GX85, though. I went through two on my last big
hike. But I usually go through almost an entire one on the 6D or most
of two on the E-3. Regardless, they aren't any bigger or heavier than
a roll of film or two. My can of bear spray remains the biggest and
heaviest single item I carry with me on a hike.

> I was just visiting another site where I go to elevate my BP, and a big 
> discussion now is over a question of where to find a "safe" card reader! (I 
> was going to suggest they ask one if it's on the pill, but those guys have 
> not a hint of a sense of humor.) There is one person stating that connecting 
> your camera directly to a computer could damage it beyond repair. I think 
> every night he checks for monsters under his bed.

My 13" MacBook Pro is the last one with the built-in SD card reader.
Oh happy day. But my Yoga does not. For the CF cards, I use an
external reader. Otherwise, it's an issue of connecting the camera to
the computer to download the images directly. While I am not opposed
to that method, I prefer card readers. Otherwise, I have to lug around
even more USB cables. My computer bag is stuffed with cables.

AK Schnozz
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