Re: [OM] RAID 0 for 2 SSD's---all show and risk, or speedy solution?

Subject: Re: [OM] RAID 0 for 2 SSD's---all show and risk, or speedy solution?
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2019 08:46:34 -0700
>From what I understand, SSD fail less than HDDs (1-3% HDD to 0.1-0.3% SSD) 
>however SSDS suffer a higher rate of unrecoverable read errors. So everything 
>may be hunky dorry until you go for that one file that has read error. I 
>suspect you are correct in risk doubled with raid 0. As long as you employ 
>backup in your scheme, raid 0 would be acceptable, IMO.

I have also "heard" that the higher percentage of the SSD used, the more wear 
happens on the remaining storage.

I have M.2 PCIe drive in my main PC. They are know to run hot. Not sure if that 
affects reliability? Are the SSDs in the laptop M.2 Sata or M.2 PCIe? For 
performance, a PCIe M.2 is pretty fast and Raid 0 for speed seems overkill. 
Raid 0 does increase the volume size. Again, IMO, if you need the main drive to 
be as large as possible, raid 0 will help, but not sure on the performance gain 


At 10/2/2019 08:16 AM, Mike G wrote:
>Need to configure a new system for the house soon.  Noticed the default config 
>of the new Asus Proart 17" laptop was raid 0--at least when first announced. 
>I am only aware of old data and recall  not much change with PS files.   Some 
>raw performance benchmarks will be better as expected but not sure for every 
>day tasks.  Risk of failure doubled, but SSD's don't fail as much anyways.  
>Any opinion?  
>Restrict RAID to termite ants in our kitchen window frame or bring inside to 
>new system,   Mike
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