Re: [OM] Nathan's PAD 29/9/2019: a delightful surprise during my bike ri

Subject: Re: [OM] Nathan's PAD 29/9/2019: a delightful surprise during my bike ride
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2019 16:38:58 +0100
That must have been great fun, Nathan.  The food, as always, looks so tempting 
(even if it was in the background).


> On 29 Sep 2019, at 20:00, Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I wanted to do a ride with decent distance and climbing today, so I decided 
> to cycle to the town of Relleu, a round trip of 63 km with about 1000 meters 
> of climbing. The weather was great, not much wind, so a very enjoyable ride 
> overall. But the nice part was what I found in Relleu. The town/village 
> (about 1100 inhabitants) were celebrating their fiestas patronales, a mix of 
> the Moros y Cristianos common around here, and a celebration of the town’s 
> patron saint. I got an idea that something out of the ordinary was going on 
> when the street where I usually buy my Coke looked like this:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-mv2j8Jj/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-mv2j8Jj/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-mv2j8Jj/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-mv2j8Jj/A>>
> The people, young and old, were dressed up for the occasion (note another 
> confused cyclist in the background):
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-MGmRkz3/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-MGmRkz3/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-MGmRkz3/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-MGmRkz3/A>>
> The outfits were, well, different:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-v4MXDVb/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-v4MXDVb/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-v4MXDVb/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-v4MXDVb/A>>
> A sort of ritual dance was performed in front of the church:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-Qk6cP6S/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-Qk6cP6S/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-Qk6cP6S/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-Qk6cP6S/A>>
> The parade had a somewhat agricultural theme, even though there is not much 
> agriculture in the area, aside from some goats and olive trees:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NV4Vk3q/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NV4Vk3q/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NV4Vk3q/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NV4Vk3q/A>>
> In any event, it was all very nice and colourful, and it made me take a 30 
> minute break just to take it all in:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NNfswF8/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NNfswF8/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NNfswF8/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-NNfswF8/A>>
> So cycling is good for my health, and also good for my photography and 
> appreciation of the local traditions.
> Cheers,

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