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Subject: Re: [OM] Summer to fall
From: Peter Klein <boulanger.croissant@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 00:10:26 -0700
> > There are different annual recreation permits for county, state, and
> > federal land, leading to much confusion.  One thing is certain: Wherever
> > you go, you have to pay just to take a walk in the woods.
> > <https://www.flickr.com/photos/24844563@N04/48856643388/in/dateposted-public/>
> What amazing mixed messages we give. It's important to get people
> outdoors and walking. But, sorry, we are going to charge you to go
> walking.
> I'm glad we don't have that stupidity up in Alaska quite yet. It's
> coming, but not here yet. The Anchorage city council is quite enamored
> with Portland, so it's just a matter of time.
> AK Schnozz

I'm with you 100% on this, Ken. When I first moved to Washington state (1979), outdoor recreation was for the most part free, and paid for by our tax dollars. IIRC, we paid a nominal fee for a campsite, but you weren't charged $5 to $10 a pop to park at a trailhead. The prevailing ethos was that all residents should be able to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the ability to pay. How quaint that seems today. Everything has been monetized by several competing jurisdictions, yet things are less well taken care of than before.

They "got" us at a state park a couple of days before the above picture was taken.  My wife had put our Discover (state) pass in her car when she took a hike with a friend a couple of weeks before. So, no pass in my car, ka-ching, daily fee. But we outsmarted them at Snoqualmie Pass.  I was about to pay the fee when I remembered that our "Golden Age" National Parks Passport is good for national forests, too.  The sign confirmed it. And that was in the car.  So there.

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