Re: [OM] Photo Essay

Subject: Re: [OM] Photo Essay
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 19:11:02 -0900
Having been on the front lines of helping those in need in our
communities, I have my own perspective which varies slightly from the
desired narrative of the article.

The article was written from a perspective of guilt. Guilt for being
"the survivor". I'll spare you the details of how that whole storyline
goes, but the author certainly is either victim of that thinking or
chooses to exploit it.

Secondly, the article emphasizes money as a solution to both
prevention and cure. The problem with poverty is that it's not just
financial, but psychological. No amount of money will cure societal
poverty as it is not something we can buy our way out of.

Thirdly, a common mistake is made that everybody is equal and it's
just "opportunity" that makes one person successful and another not.
This is incorrect. Each individual is responsible for their own path
in life. Some people choose wisely, some people don't. Some choose to
drugs and alcohol to consume time, others choose to work a second job,
get more education, or work their way up the corporate ladder to
consume time. One ends up as an example for this article, the other is
guilted for being successful.

No easy answers. But dumping money at the symptoms will never solve the problem.

AG Schnozz
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