Re: [OM] Michael's PESO: Curaçao and Bonaire, Feb. 2020

Subject: Re: [OM] Michael's PESO: Curaçao and Bonaire, Feb. 2020
From: "Michael R. Collins" <MRC.OlympusList@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2020 18:38:32 -0500
Jim, ChrisB, ChrisT, Mopse: thanks for the feedback.

The lens is the Panny 100-300 4.0-5.6, a just-before-the-trip purchase in anticipation of birds; shooting shutter priority. EXIF on other shots has the whole range out to 300, so this must actually have been at 100.

Distance to bird? Certainly no more than 50m. Fills a bit under half of the original image, so cropping makes it seem closer.

I think there were about 5 birds together down the shore (and out of sight) at their regular hangout, no more than three at a time out scanning and diving, most often just one or two, until they went off together to fish better waters. I have a few shots of one or two coming in my direction, they look prehistoric, like modern-day pterodactyls!

I do use diamond central points, need lots more practice with modes and comparing AFS to AFF.


On 2020-03-02 5:54 p.m., Moose wrote:
On 3/1/2020 3:32 PM, Michael R. Collins wrote:
ESO being once an eon, really. Minimal editing in Graphic Converter for camera club submission (1400x1050 max, 72 PPI), will replace with higher resolution some month when I have more time:


Nifty! I love those birds, and have nothing but a crappy shot of one.

EXIF doesn't seem to want to tell me which lens you used? At 100 mm, that bird was pretty close, no?


or just scroll from the first.

AFF on the G9 is my crutch, very impressed with how I can track soaring birds - most of the time,

I've been using the diamond of central focus points, AFS and Medium Burst Mode for flying birds, and other moving things, and it's worked quite well.

it's also happy on occasion to maintain consistent out-of-focus :-( .

Panny's Depth From Defocus focusing is a two edged sword. When it works, which is almost all the time, it's faster than other CDAF implementations. Certainly faster than the E-M5 II, and it's the big reason the above choice for birds works. When it misses, it's a pain, and generally hard to convince otherwise.

OTOH, I've been learning the PDAF focus of the Sony RX10 (and RX100). It's quick, it's accurate - except when, with a complex, 3D subject, it focuses at a different depth than I would like. ;-)  At least it allows magnified manual fine focus adjustment to the AF.

Gee, X-9 Moose

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