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Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: Seen at the Airport
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2020 15:13:34 +0000
I can see that that is a reliable rag top for cruising, Moose – reliable in its 
carrying as well as its enjoyment provision.  The one of you “rampant” (which 
can mean “pandemic” according to some dictionaries ;-)) looks like good times 
in good weather.

It was strange seeing that Sprinter with the Dodge badge because I 
automatically interpreted the design as the 3-pointed star; I had to look again 
to see the Ram.

But didn’t you have a different campervan at first?  Is this a replacement?

I really fancy one, whether it’s a Ford, Peugeot or Mercedes base vehicle 
converted; but my wife likes the amount of space available in our 
caravan/trailer.  And since there is a good chance that we’ll be using it in 
poor weather, we need that space to remain inside without going a little loco.

We haven’t been out since October, but I hope that we will start before the end 
of March.  It might be our best way of remaining sane if we have to start 
staying away from crowds.

Interestingly, a colleague in the business of NVG training has just visited 
Russia; the military types that he met there pooh-poohed the threat of the 
virus.  They might be right in their scepticism, but it might also be true that 
the Russian Government has tried to keep a lid on any virus news, just as the 
Chinese leaders did.

Who knows?


> On 4 Mar 2020, at 05:32, Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I’m sure that I’ve seen a photo of your Oldsmobile in the past, Moose, but 
>> may I see it again?
> Wow, I'm glad you asked. For whatever reason, I don't have a lot of photos of 
> it. So I looked back at film scans and found one that's always irritated me. 
> I love the setting, and the memory - but the grain, ugh! I just plain 
> underexposed it. The scanner pulls what's there, but with so much 
> grain/noise. And the grain somehow manages to be arranged so as to create 
> large scale mottling. I've never managed a decent version.
> So, back to the TIFF from the scan, and try Topaz Denoise AI. MAGIC. It's not 
> so much created detail as removed the masking effect of the noise. Without 
> the noise I can do more normal processing - and finally, a decent image! 
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Miscellaneous/Images&image=6991_16newoofm.jpg
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Miscellaneous/Images&image=6991_16newoofm.jpg>>
> Moose rampant in his steed. 
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Miscellaneous/Images&image=_1010793rotcra.jpg
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Miscellaneous/Images&image=_1010793rotcra.jpg>>
> What it would look like, cleaned up and posed. 
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Miscellaneous/Images&image=OldsConvertible.jpg
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Miscellaneous/Images&image=OldsConvertible.jpg>>
> The color may be off, though. It's a subtle green-blue.
>> I gave up on Mercedes in 2003 when my ML270, a decent car otherwise, 
>> threatened to cost a bomb to maintain once it was past three years old (and 
>> out of warranty and servicing agreement).
> Our MB is a 2007 sprinter. The whole thing is sort of weird. At that time:
> "The new factory expands a current facility where Sprinters are put back 
> together. It’s all about taxes, or more specifically import tariffs. To date, 
> Sprinters sold in the U.S. are first completely manufactured, ready to go, in 
> Germany.
> Then, because of the tariffs, U.S.-bound Sprinter are partially disassembled, 
> shipped to the U.S. as components, and then reassembled in North Charleston. 
> That’s been going on since 2006 via warehouse and factory work that’s called 
> “double handling,” and which is seldom efficient and often costly."
> So, ours was built in Stuttgart, partially disassembled, shipped to a 
> Freightliner factory in North Charleston, South Carolina, reassembled, 
> labeled as a Dodge RAM, shipped to PleasureWay in Saskatoon and converted 
> into a small RV. I don't know if it stopped in Detroit on its way to Canada. 
> :-)
> As long as we're doing pix:
> Camped 
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=California/Marin%2C_Sonoma%2C_Mendocino_Coast/Albion&image=_MG_9139ia.jpg
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=California/Marin%2C_Sonoma%2C_Mendocino_Coast/Albion&image=_MG_9139ia.jpg>>
> Through hot air 
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=California/Carrizo_Plain&image=_A004347cr.jpg
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=California/Carrizo_Plain&image=_A004347cr.jpg>>
> If one buys a Sprinter today, it has the three pointed star, but was made in 
> So Carolina.
>> I still don’t like them, having been seduced by BMW since 2003.
> My first new car was a 1968 BMW 1600 two door. A wonderful, reliable car, 
> with a few eccentricities. One you would not like is really poor ice/snow 
> performance; front engine, rear drive, short, light chassis.
>> I’m about to spend a few days in Glasgow, visiting family so perhaps I’ll be 
>> able to test my X3’s abilities in the ice or snow; it’s no A4 Quattro,
> Ah well, ours is not new, a relatively low mileage 2006, "inherited" from a 
> son. I like the look of this version, but newer ones are a little roomier. A 
> nice car.
>> but I enjoy the drive and it has loads of lovely goodies, including adaptive 
>> headlights (LED) which I don’t think that I could do without ever again :-)
>> The trouble with ex-hire cars is that they generally don’t have all the 
>> gizmos, but I do go for used cars nowadays.
> And yet, in the specific case at hand, quite a few of the Impalas coming off 
> now are the top trim models.  There was a beautiful deep red one nearby, for 
> a very reasonable price, but I really don't have use for another sedan.
> They may be bought with a four, but all the Hertz rentals are V6 and either 
> mid or top trim level. I assume they know a lot about what holds value for 
> resale.
> Car Talk Moose

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