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Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: Seen at the Airport
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2020 13:04:30 -0800
On 3/4/2020 7:13 AM, Chris Barker wrote:
I can see that that is a reliable rag top for cruising, Moose – reliable in its carrying as well as its 
enjoyment provision.  The one of you “rampant” (which can mean “pandemic” according to 
some dictionaries ;-)) looks like good times in good weather.

Fine in wet weather, as well, just not as much fun. It needs a new top, can't be taken through a car wash, but doesn't leak in the rain - yet.

It was strange seeing that Sprinter with the Dodge badge because I 
automatically interpreted the design as the 3-pointed star; I had to look again 
to see the Ram.

But didn’t you have a different campervan at first?  Is this a replacement?

Nope, this in the one and only. With a Mercedes chassis, a diesel designed for commercial use and relatively low usage, I expect it to last forever. :-)

I really fancy one, whether it’s a Ford, Peugeot or Mercedes base vehicle 
converted; but my wife likes the amount of space available in our caravan/trailer.

It's all trade-offs. It's not large inside. We tell people it's perfect for two 
people who get along well.

In the US, there are many, many campgrounds in National, State and County parks that were designed with small sites and have vehicle and trailer size restrictions. Our Turtle fits all of them, so we can wake up and make breakfast in the trees, not in an RV park.

And since there is a good chance that we’ll be using it in poor weather, we 
need that space to remain inside without going a little loco.

Exactly so. Most of the places we have traveled, the US West, have little or no rain during the travel season. If we lived in your climate, we might well go the same route. Even in the rest of the country, summer rains tends to be brief.

We haven’t been out since October, but I hope that we will start before the end 
of March.

We do the same thing. For us, it's about the interior space and hours of daylight. It's all very well spending some evening time inside, but between Fall and Spring Equinoxes, it's just dark too early, and not uncommonly cold or wet.

It might be our best way of remaining sane if we have to start staying away 
from crowds.

We did that last fall. When the smoke got to the point where we could smell it in the house, we checked the air quality maps, threw some clothes in the Turtle and headed out. A lovely week, while so many other were suffering. Lucky us!

Travelin' Moose

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