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Subject: Re: [OM] New Blood - RX10 IV
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 22:05:25 -0700
On 3/10/2020 4:22 PM, Jim Nichols wrote:
Remarkable! And beautiful colors.


I couldn't get shots like that on our first trip, with the cameras I had. I just didn't have the timing. Some folks make a big deal about catching the dancers all the way up like that, but mostly it's just one dancer. These guys learn together and have remarkable timing on their jumps.

Shooting bursts almost always gets a peak shot. Different dancer, different dance, different place, same technique. <https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mhe1d1JTTwB7nuJW7>

If you click on the map, you will see that this was out in the middle of nowhere in far Eastern Bhutan. These are not separate dancers. They are Brokpas, nomadic yak herders. The colorful costumes are traditional designs and home made. The dances are likewise traditional and learned as part of growing up.

Although many dances are done across most of the country, these dances and costumes are unique to the far NE. The Yak Dance is seen nowhere else. <https://photos.app.goo.gl/zmCb7CrgmfDchDkT8>

Caught in the Act Moose

On 3/10/20 6:02 PM, Moose wrote:
I should have added that my old gear didn't get shots like this, either. 

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