Re: [OM] New Blood - RX10 IV [was Friday's Flowers]

Subject: Re: [OM] New Blood - RX10 IV [was Friday's Flowers]
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 12:10:29 -0800
> I assume you do not still run a 2S, AG? I also assume that they are
> unrepairable due to the unique electronics.

I've run one roll of film through it since being in Alaska. But that's
only because I've been shooting so intensely that I've been using
digital to keep from going broke. The OM-4T and OM-3Ti have gotten
more use, but are still hopelessly ignored unless I'm out on a
specific photo trip.

My OM-2S is quite "experienced" with somewhere north of 100 thousand
photos taken with it. Other than the flaky ISO dial which has required
a couple of CLAs through the years, it's been near perfect. I had the
flash-circuit changed out as I was using it for wedding and event
photography and the indicator light was draining the button cells. The
only significant issue with my OM-2S is a very slight misalignment of
the film which means that the frame is every so slightly out of square
with the next frame.

The OM-2S is easily the best "event/wedding" camera I've ever used.
Period. The ability to control the light-ratio between flash and
ambient is so incredibly simple.

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