Re: [OM] New Leaf

Subject: Re: [OM] New Leaf
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 20:18:54 -0700
Nice. Provia 100f was my go to film.

I bought a firewire card for my LS-4000 since new MB no longer come with one. I 
thought I misplaced the strip film holder (FH-3) for the scanner in the move, 
so got another one from evilbay, then I found mine, so have 2. I saw some 
prices over $200 for it. I also threw out a bucket full of cables in the move, 
not thinking, and even firewire cables are hard to find.

I took a hint from Moose's posts and have been using Sharpen AI on a lot of the 
old film scans with some amazing results. Some with camera blur that did not 
pass screening, now come out really good. You are right about things improving. 
I appreciate vuescan even more.


At 3/12/2020 07:20 PM, AK man wrote:
>In my off moments I get around to scanning film. The nice thing is
>that the software keeps improving so much that it pays to rescan
>something and reprocess it with tools and techniques from 2020.
>New Leaf. Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan. This photo was
>taken with the OM-2S and 50/3.5 macro lens. Fujichrome Provia 100F.
>Scanned with the Nikon Coolscan V-ED and VueScan. (7 passes plus multi
>exposure). Processed in Adobe Lightroom.
>AG Schnozz
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