Re: [OM] New Leaf

Subject: Re: [OM] New Leaf
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 22:41:34 -0800
> Nice. Provia 100f was my go to film.

I prefer the way it scans over the Velvias, but I've always had to do
battle with the lateral halation that blurs the images a little bit on
high contrast edges.

This particular image required an all new scan (8 total passes) and
careful, but seemingly very aggressive adjustments in Lightroom. The
end result is that I've managed to pull the level of detail out of
this (and another couple images tonight) that seemed pretty impossible
with film. All those "which is better: film or digital" comparisons
would have been blown out of the water had we had sharpening
algorithms and cleaning tools 15 years ago that we have now. If MR was
better at scanning, I doubt that LL would have become the film-hating
thing that it did. To claim the a 3MP canon crop-sensor camera
produced better images than Provia 100F in full-frame 35mm was always
laughable, but with improved techniques, even more ludicrous.  The
problem was never the film itself, it was always the digitization
process. That said, I will admit that most of my glorious, wonderful
images on film mostly don't live up to the hype because I wasn't
really all that good of a photographer. It wasn't until I spent a lot
of quality time with the E-1 that I really learned why my techniques
were hurting my images. And, of course, aperture-vibration on the OMs.

I was working on a scan tonight of a few shots on K25. I forgot just
how over-the-top that film was.

AG Schnozz
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