Re: [OM] Hurdy Gurdy Peak

Subject: Re: [OM] Hurdy Gurdy Peak
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2020 13:55:28 -0700
On 3/15/2020 1:20 AM, ChrisB wrote:
Lovely stuff, Ken.

But was that a recent shot?  Are you still using the E-300?
Not "still". The camera is new to AG.

On 3/14/2020 11:03 PM, Ken Norton wrote:
Even if Moose never visits us in Alaska, at least his cameras are
getting used here.

I had accumulated three 3/4 bodies with the three CCD sensor sizes, and, having finished playing with them, I recently passed them on to AKAG.

E-1 = 5 MP
E-300 = 8 MP ( I assume the E-500 has the same sensor.)
E-400 = 10 MP

Also the 14-54 lens used for this shot.

The E-400, never sold in the US/Canada, turned out to just be stopping by, on 
its way from Piers to Ken. :-)

Way Station Moose

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