[OM] Safe in Place [was House Moving]

Subject: [OM] Safe in Place [was House Moving]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 13:40:44 -0700
On 3/17/2020 10:43 AM, Philippe wrote:
The emergency departments of our hospitals unfortunately no longer count aging 
people with a condition as extreme priorities.
That’s what happend in the US, during Katarina I think. I listened to a podcast some time 
ago, that consisted of interviews of hospital staff in charge of evacuation during the tempest. And 
they finally considered that the most likely survivors would be the ones they’d heliport 
away, if and when the helicopters finally made it to their roof …

At the moment, there is no rush of patients at local hospitals. I think they are sitting there twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the crush.

Local counties, and our city, have finally recognized how China stopped the exponential growth and how Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore have apparently nipped the epidemic in the bud.

They have issued Shelter in Place orders, banning all but necessary local travel, all gatherings and closing all stores but Pharmacies, Supermarkets, gas stations, etc. I had two dentist appointments this week. One office, where I was to have the place where I had a tooth out and am working on growing enough new bone for an implant checked, called and suggested postponement. The other office simply closed for at least two weeks.

These measures do not, of course, have the teeth in them of those in totalitarian places, but should shock more people into being sensible and safe.

As NorCal has been far behind the curve of infections, I'm hoping these measures will keep the numbers down overall and spread them out so that hospitals aren't overwhelmed.*

One more reason for everyone on this list to be extra careful.

We've implemented our own protocol. It may seem like overkill, but we have little else to occupy our time - and avoiding infection seems like a good thing. We treat the inside of the house and of our cars as clean zones. Any place outside is suspect. Any thing that comes in from outside must be sanitized with chem or time.

We make the assumption, based on lots or research, that the virus doesn't live 
over 24 hours on most surfaces.

Leave the car to shop, put on gloves and mask. Back to the car, gloves off and laid down to age the virus out. Home with shopping, unload with different set of gloves, sanitize or simply don't touch the new items for a day. Mail comes in, it gets put in a box in the garage using a glove, then actually taken in the next day. Tests say the virus doesn't last that long on cardboard, and I assume paper.

Philippe, too old to qualify for survival, and a chain-smoker on top of it all 

Is smoking chains Irony?

Bad Moose

* Rant -

I assume you've seen those lovely graphs of spreading the infections over a longer period of time, to avoid overloading health care providers and facilities. Anybody notice that the area under each curve is about the same?

The meaning seems clear, everyone who would have been infected eventually will be. I can't believe that's right nor that any intelligent person would make that assumption. The data from the above places make it clear it's not true.

so, I look it up, and get back the the original CDC graph, published in a paper long before this epidemic. Aha! It has a much smaller area under the second curve, and a specific notation about reduction in the total number of cases.

The first person (idiot) who prettified the graphic, also changed it, and 
everyone else has just copied it. \\- End Rant -

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