Re: [OM] Safe in Place [was House Moving]

Subject: Re: [OM] Safe in Place [was House Moving]
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 13:30:38 -0800
As to the curves thing, It was my understanding that gradual exposure
to the virus in it's dying out or dead phase gives the body a chance
to recognize it and build defenses. At some point, full exposure to
the active virus will have a lesser effect on the body.

If this is true, then that two-day old virus is actually good for us.

My daughters in South Korea are right in the midst of one of the hot
zones. The primary spread is due to religious idiots. Everything is
pretty well locked down and South Koreans already are mostly
conditioned to accept hygiene and social interaction rules. What the
populace accepts there is not what most western civilizations can

Alaska is in a rather unique situation. We have natural borders that
have really helped control things here. But that is bound to change
over the next few days. We had just one case--a pilot on a cargo
fright from Asia that arrived sick and was quickly put into isolation.
We now have a couple of reports up in Fairbanks. It looks like
Fairbanks may end up being a hot spot for this state. (irony, of
course). Most of the state is under major transportation lockdown and
health screenings are done before getting on an airplane going north.

Alas, the mayor and city council of Anchorage are flaming idiots.
Whatever nonsense Portland or Berkeley comes up with, they think they
need to implement here. Those at-risk homeless people who are
dispersed camped in the parks and forests around Anchorage? They want
them all stuffed into an ice rink where they'll be kept six feet away
from each other.


These are the same rocket scientists who determined that we don't need
bags at the grocery stores and we're supposed to bring in unsanitary
reuse bags from home to spread whatever germs into the public space.
Not to mention cockroaches. Reuse bags have become a massive source of
cockroach infestations in grocery stores. You really can't make this
stuff up.

All to save the turtles.

We die, the turtles live.

AG Schnozz
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