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Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: My Daily Companion
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 13:12:53 -0700
Well said Moose.

I was thinking of commenting on e-readers, how much easier on the eyes than 
normal tablet screens. I do prefer the paper white kindle but adjust the 
backlighting to a low level. It does help in situations were the ambient light 
is not so great, such as on a plane.

There are some books, though, that cannot be used on a kindle like device.

One thing you did not mention was the battery life of the e-readers is so much 
better. Nothing worse than being tethered to a charger because of low battery.

I have a Dell monitor and it has some preset modes, one of which is Paper. I 
find paper mode better for my eyes and also for photo editing.


At 3/19/2020 12:24 PM, Moose wrote:

>On 3/19/2020 9:50 AM, Jim Nichols wrote:
>>My son has an iPad, and I have checked it out when he comes to visit.  I may 
>>venture in that direction, but the iMac and a comfortable chair work fine for 
>>On 3/19/20 11:42 AM, Chris Barker wrote:
>>>I use a Kobo, Jim, for my reading (I hate the idea of making Bezos any 
>>>richer), but my iPad Air (2019) is a delight to read from as well and I use 
>>>it for the Guardian newspaper.
>How interesting. I have a 24" Dell monitor, iPhone Xs, iPad Mini and a Nook 
>Simple Touch.
>Although I do read some magazine and newspaper articles on the monitor, I find 
>I tend not to finish long ones. I also don't much like reading lengthy text on 
>the iPad.
>To quote a review of a Kobo:
>"In a world full of full-color tablet displays, it may seem surprising that 
>dedicated e-readers are still around. But these devices actually have an 
>advantage over tablets that avid readers appreciate -- the e-ink displays are 
>much easier on the eyes than backlit displays. They allow for comfortable 
>long-term reading."
>The B&W Kobos, Kindle and Nook e-readers all use e-ink displays, which are, 
>for me, FAR, FAR nicer to read than the shiny surface color screens on tablets 
>and "real" computers.
>The addition of built-in lights on recent ones seems to me a step back in 
>readability. When Nook switched, I took my lightless Simple Touch into a B&N 
>store and held it next to the new one. The old one was obviously clearer.
>We have two failed ones (for parts), two working ones and one in reserve. 
>We're very much a split preference household. I heartily dislike reading 
>physical books, and Carol loves them; she only uses her Nook when traveling or 
>when a book isn't available in one of the three library systems she uses.
>I prefer the Nook to Kobo and Kindle because it works with the generic epub 
>format, so isn't tied to any source. When I get a Kindle book, Calibre 
>converts and downloads it to the Nook. Lots of books are available as epubs 
>free or at low cost on the web.
>With a 2GB micro SD card, I can have a ridiculous number of books on it. Far 
>more than it's simple index system is much use for. But it does have a search 
>function - if I can remember author or title.
>I've always loved sitting in my little pool of light with a book while the 
>world around me is asleep. The differences from the past now are a full 
>spectrum light and an e-reader. I love it.
>Some years ago, I was being troubled by pain in my left wrist. Eventually, I 
>realized it was from the way I held thick paperbacks when reading. I changed 
>how I read, and got better. No such problems with the Nook. :-)
>Reflective Reading Moose
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