Re: [OM] Social distancing WA/OR style

Subject: Re: [OM] Social distancing WA/OR style
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 08:11:30 -0700
SD AZ style - Which social distance line would you rather be in:



At 3/23/2020 06:54 AM, you wrote:
>Here in AZ, Saturday was a nice day and quite a few people out on one of the 
>favorite trails here on Brown's Ranch - Granite Mountain. Photos to follow... 
>also Biking on the trails was good. Here there is plenty of wide open to be 
>safe outside.
>I'm with Ken on this one. People kept their distances and being outdoors with 
>a good breeze, sunlight, I the risk is greatly reduced. Much riskier just 
>getting food at the store. It is pretty easy to keep proper distance.
>I suspect if you are in more crowded spaces and not moving, such as beaches, 
>the risk is higher. Then there are those on spring break in Florida that are 
>total idiots. Just because one (young person) feels it won't affect me, they 
>have not consideration for others.
>At 3/22/2020 10:49 PM, Ken wrote:
>>> Alaska suicide rate, 0.02%
>>Depends on which statistics you are looking at. Also consider the fact
>>that Alaska is a mammoth state (geographically, it spans almost the
>>entire Lower-48). And consider seasonal influence. The suicide rate is
>>highest March-May. (not in the deepest darkest winter, surprisingly).
>>> COVID-9 mortality rate, at least 100 times greater, probably more.
>>Yes it is. But when you live in an area where everything can kill you,
>>this is just another item to add to the list.
>>What I saw today were a couple thousand people out and about enjoying
>>the incredible weather and scenery. The only "grouping" I saw, though,
>>were of people who were obviously together and were in the came
>>vehicle. Otherwise, everybody kept their distance from each other. We
>>didn't get close to anyone and we didn't touch anything.
>>The spread of this virus isn't caused by people being outdoors.
>>Closing the great outdoors is greatly misguided. The spread of the
>>virus is mostly hygienic and direct person-to-person contact related.
>>All that said, in 10 minutes, Anchorage will be under "hunker down"
>>orders. This was everybody's last hurrah.
>>AK Schnozz
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