Re: [OM] OT: New Sonie lens 20/1.8

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: New Sonie lens 20/1.8
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 11:45:11 -0700
Thanks Jim

This is a colorful time for AZ. We have had quite a bit of rain, for AZ, in the 
last couple of weeks. This particular area of Brown's Ranch (Scottsdale) is one 
of the better spots.


At 3/23/2020 09:25 AM, you wrote:

>A lot of nice scenery, and beautiful color.  Thanks for sharing.
>On 3/23/20 11:05 AM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
>>Not OM, but many have Sony gear.
>>Sony recently released a new 20mm/F1.8 lens. I'm very happy with this lens 
>>and it seems to do really well on a A7Riv camera. It really fills a gap that 
>>feels just right. I'm not so happy using the 16-35/4 zoom compared to this 
>>lens. It does suffer some lens flare when shooting in the direction of the 
>>sun, but otherwise everything is sharp.
>>As mentioned in previous post on Social Distancing (SD) I was out on the 
>>trails this weekend. Yes there were people in groups but generally there was 
>>plenty of openness.
>>I managed to get up an unmarked trail on Granite Mountain used by rock 
>>climbers, which you can see in one photo. Normally people don't go up that 
>>I was expecting more wide angle distortion, but not so much. It also does 
>>some pretty cool close-up shots. The cactus root was taken a few inches away.
>>There was quite a bit of discussion on Fred Miranda site on this lens. The 
>>full resolution versions (not posted) are really incredible. I did use 
>>Sharpen AI, but if I used the default sharpen (not Focus or Stablize) there 
>>was very little improvement. Here I used Focus which did add some crispness. 
>>It is sharper than the 24-105/4 on the A7Riii.
>>An unsharpened full res image:
>>Open Air WayneS
>Jim Nichols
>Tullahoma, TN USA
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