[OM] How Wide is Wide? [was New Sonie lens 20/1.8]

Subject: [OM] How Wide is Wide? [was New Sonie lens 20/1.8]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 14:05:47 -0700
Extra, Super, Ultra, Hyper. Sounds like descriptions of star ship drives. But 
also wide angle lenses. :-)

I used to be envious of those with the legendary specialty super wide cameras, 6x12, 6x17, X-Pan. I loved Brian's custom Obsession 6x17. Somehow, I carried forward their place in film days into the present, imagining how nice it would be to have one. But, in terms of AoV, their specialness isn't much these days.

I've been dissatisfied with my WA tools. From rooms in museums to rooms in Bhutan farmhouses, to slot canyons in Utah, to ancient churches in Ireland, and so on, I find myself always wanting wider. The Panny 7-14 mm is a good lens, but often not wide enough. I've used the  8 mm Fishy to good effect, "de-fishing" it for wider angle shots. But there's always residual distortions unless cropped to a panorama format. (Look at the corner of my neighbor's deck, lower left, in the below example; no curves!)

So, I'm trying another solution, the Voightländer Hyper-Wide Heliar 10/5.6 for Sony A7. this led me to actually look at the other alternatives I (used to) dream of.

Sequestered as I am, I don't have much in the way of suitable subjects, so my test is not deathless art. ;-) Leaving aside the film/sensor format, looking just at the AoVs, here's my

Sure, there are comparisons about resolution to be argued, but for my purposes, as a practical matter, they are moot. If I need more, and the lens can take it, an A7R IV is bound to win over not so flat film and scanning.

I haven't tried the Heliar vs. my Fishy lens. But I did so some research and calculations. I had guesstimated horiz. coverage of an un-fished image at ~150°. It looks like it's probably more like 130°, vs the 122° of the Heliar. Not much practical difference.

Of the standard projections, the only one that comes close to 180° diagonal with 8mm on a 4.3 sensor is Equisolid. At that, it calculates 170° diag. and 130° horiz. AoVs.

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