Re: [OM] How Wide is Wide? [was New Sonie lens 20/1.8]

Subject: Re: [OM] How Wide is Wide? [was New Sonie lens 20/1.8]
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 19:10:54 -0700
At 3/24/2020 02:05 PM, Moose wrote:

>Extra, Super, Ultra, Hyper. Sounds like descriptions of star ship drives. But 
>also wide angle lenses. :-)

I was going to say gasoline. But then we would need Nitro lenses.

Even with the 20mm, I started to try to get wider with stitching. The result 
from PS using the 20mm was pretty bad. Perhaps I didn't use the correct 

>Sequestered as I am, I don't have much in the way of suitable subjects, so my 
>test is not deathless art. ;-) Leaving aside the film/sensor format, looking 
>just at the AoVs, here's my

This scene doesn't look bad. Just because you see it every day. Was this a film 

I will have to get out my  CV 12mm and do some comparisons. As always, 
interesting information. The 10mm does stretch the tree branches in the corners 
quite a bit.

One WA landscape trick I heard, with something in the distance being tiny, is 
to put it toward the top of the frame to enlarge it.

I'm wondering if a curved monitor might render WA shots better for our eyeballs?

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