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Subject: Re: [OM] Tamron Lens
From: "C.H.Ling" <ch_photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 10:13:03 +0800
I purchased a Tamron 01A 33 years ago, it was the first 2nd hand lens I bought, unfortunately the aperture mechanism was fault so I returned it.

For sentimental reason, I purchased one in 2013. Actually I have purchased two, disassembled and cleaned them up then keep the better one which is now looks and works like new. The 01A is a very sharp lens but there are purple fringe at the long end. The flare resistance is also poorer than my OM lenses.

Around the same time, I have also purchased a Tamron 24-48/3.5-3.8 at a good price, it was full of dust inside out. I'd like to keep the lens after cleaning it up since OM does not have 24mm zoom. Finally I sold it since I found the resolution of this lens is not as good as my OM 28-48.

The mechanical construction and use of material of the Tamron is very good. I would say it is much better than OM lenses, especially the rubber grip, they are just like new even after 40 years.


On 20/03/25 3:19, Moose wrote:
On 3/24/2020 7:24 AM, Chris Trask wrote:
      I was casually browsing through the Tamron offerings at KEHoutlet and came away with a Tamron 01A 38-80/2.8-3.8 lens

Typo? Mine are 35-80 mm.

for half the average evilBay price.  Comes with a Nikon AI adapter. With almost 330 degrees of focus ring rotation this is a very good lens for flowers and insects.

Yup, does v. nice semi-macro, with greatest mag. at the long end, which is excellent for flowers and insects.

The interior mechanism that controls close focus by focal length, is complex. My first one stopped going higher than 60 mm after a while. I thought it cheaper to buy a second one than deal with service.

Be gentle, don't force the rings. I don't believe I broke the first one, but it doesn't hurt to be careful.

Tam 'O Ron Moose

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