Re: [OM] No longer window shopping--adapters of various flavors

Subject: Re: [OM] No longer window shopping--adapters of various flavors
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2020 16:40:10 -0700
On 5/4/2020 4:11 PM, Ken Norton wrote:
What we really need, what so many people need, is a Sony E-mount adapter with 
interchangeable front mounts and rings to
set FL, max. aperture and aperture. The working aperture ring would have a null 
setting, too.
What about the Fotodiox adapters with the aperture built-in?

I think they are only for Nikon "G" lenses, which don't have aperture rings.

Would someone get right on that, please?
Won't happen. We can't even get 3rd party support for external flash
equipment in Olympus/Panasonic hot-shoe.

Let me Dream!!

If I got things calculated correctly, the total adapter length for
OM-E is 28mm.

Yes, that's the length of the one I have which puts infinity at the right place.

I should be able to whip together that tonight and
"Command Strip" something to the new camera. I've got enough extension
tubes and other adapters to get close. To be safe, I probably
shouldn't try it with the 100/2 lens.

AG Schnozz

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