Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier

Subject: Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 13:32:31 -0800
> Wow, nicely done!  I have unfortunately forgotten who said:
> "Anything more than 500 yards from
> the Schnozz's driveway just isn't photogenic."
> AG hogs all the great photons, Mike

Thank you.

Trust me, there are plenty of high-quality photons to share.
Unfortunately, they are one-time intercept and this whole travel
restriction thing is putting a dent on the live photon sharing. I'm
not going to bogart the scenery.

In August we will have been here three years. Almost every day brings
unique photographic opportunities. At a certain point, a person can
become jaded and fail to recognize that this awesomeness may be
"normal" here, but it is far from "normal". The first time you see a
beautiful alpenglow, you go completely berserk with the camera and
share the images on every social-media known to man. After the 50th
time, either you get blind to it or all your friends on social-media
have unfriended you.

And that has happened to me. I used to have a few friends...

Several times a week I try to post a "Your Daily Mountain" photo from
the house or driveway. Most people like them and live their lives
vicariously through us. Others think that this sharing of mountains is
akin to posting pictures of your meals. And, of course, I do that with
my sushi too. :)

When it's really cold (-20F or so), that 500 yards thing is real. At
some point, I'm perfectly content to just take a picture through the
living room window. Honestly, the photographic opportunities available
from or near a vehicle are unending. But if a person is willing and
able to do a little hiking, Alaska reveals another layer.

AK Schnozz
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