Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier

Subject: Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 May 2020 04:40:16 -0700
?Before one studies Zen, mountains are mountains and waters are waters; after a 
first glimpse into the truth of Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and 
waters are no longer waters; after enlightenment, mountains are once again 
mountains and waters once again waters.?
- Dogen

Keep revealing the layers.


At 5/7/2020 02:32 PM, you wrote:
>> Wow, nicely done!  I have unfortunately forgotten who said:
>> "Anything more than 500 yards from
>> the Schnozz's driveway just isn't photogenic."
>> AG hogs all the great photons, Mike
>Thank you.
>Trust me, there are plenty of high-quality photons to share.
>Unfortunately, they are one-time intercept and this whole travel
>restriction thing is putting a dent on the live photon sharing. I'm
>not going to bogart the scenery.
>In August we will have been here three years. Almost every day brings
>unique photographic opportunities. At a certain point, a person can
>become jaded and fail to recognize that this awesomeness may be
>"normal" here, but it is far from "normal". The first time you see a
>beautiful alpenglow, you go completely berserk with the camera and
>share the images on every social-media known to man. After the 50th
>time, either you get blind to it or all your friends on social-media
>have unfriended you.
>And that has happened to me. I used to have a few friends...
>Several times a week I try to post a "Your Daily Mountain" photo from
>the house or driveway. Most people like them and live their lives
>vicariously through us. Others think that this sharing of mountains is
>akin to posting pictures of your meals. And, of course, I do that with
>my sushi too. :)
>When it's really cold (-20F or so), that 500 yards thing is real. At
>some point, I'm perfectly content to just take a picture through the
>living room window. Honestly, the photographic opportunities available
>from or near a vehicle are unending. But if a person is willing and
>able to do a little hiking, Alaska reveals another layer.
>AK Schnozz
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