[OM] Touchdown!

Subject: [OM] Touchdown!
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 15:11:23 -0800

Touchdown. N473MC, A Boeing 747 operated by Atlas Air landing on
Runway 15 at Ted Stevens International Airport (PANC) in Anchorage,
Alaska. Photo taken with the Sony A7 II and OM Zuiko 200/4 lens

Sunday afternoon, the winds were a little different than normal so
PANC was operating backwards with arrivals coming in from the north
and departures to the west. This made plane-spotting a bit more
enjoyable for landings.

This one had flown in from Hong Kong and was just stopping for fuel
and crew change before heading out again for Chicago. Most of the
freight operations have a substantial number of pilots based here.
Those that don't require overnight stays or additional crews
deadheaded in from elsewhere. But with COVID-19, very few are allowed
to deadhead right now.

My apologies to Eagle Eyes Moose, as my focus was just a touch off,
but I mostly recovered it.

I'm really liking the Sony with the OM Zuikos. The 200/4 and 300/4.5
are MUCH better on the Sony A7 II than the Canon 6D. Worlds better.

AG Schnozz
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