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Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: Nathan's PAW 22: more freedom
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2020 19:07:01 -0700
At 6/2/2020 01:36 PM, Ken wrote:
>It is believed that I had it right before Christmas. The symptoms were
>straight down the line that of Covid-19. The only thing that made us
>think that I didn't have it is timeline (until recently, it was
>believed that no cases were in North America until a couple weeks
>after I had gotten sick) and that I would have likely passed it to
>others around me and non of them got sick. However, I was very careful
>and did practice reasonable hygiene methods to limit spread to others.
>Fortunately, my wife didn't get sick, but she was certainly exposed
>within the home environment. But I did isolate at home too and we were
>constantly spraying down everything. Timing is everything, too. I
>replaced our furnace filters right at that time, which are expensive
>HEPA feature ones, and we also sprayed them every day with a "Lysol"
>type of product.
>At the time I was tested for everything else and turned up negative
>for the known stuff. As to exposure? Anchorage is a major cargo flight
>location and is the refueling/recrewing location for cargo flights
>coming from Asia. I know some of these crew members as well as
>ground-support personnel. Many of the cases in Alaska are directly
>related to that, and Alaska implemented the first quarantine, isolate,
>trace, etc. in the country--but after I had already gotten sick. I
>absolutely did have direct contact with individuals in early/mid
>December that may have been asymptomatic.
>Assuming it was either COVID-19 or a similar thing (my symptoms
>matched no other current virus going around), I can honestly say that
>it was one of the most brutal illnesses I've ever had. I couldn't
>breathe and my cough couldn't kick out anything that was building up
>inside my lungs. The doctor almost had me admitted to the hospital.
>That all said, I believe there is reasonable risks that can be
>assumed. It's not like the entire outdoors is conspiring to kill you.
>The human immune system is a powerful thing and is capable of
>controlling most viruses when the "attack" is reasonably sized. If my
>exposure to whatever it was is what I think it is, it was not a casual
>moment in passing.
>AG Schnozz

I likely had it mid January. I get an antibody test in 2 weeks to tell for sure.
I can trace my infection to a known source. A friend and yoga instructor
had a Chinese friend staying with her. The friend had become very sick.
Then she became very sick, went to ER with possible pneumonia, which
was negative. She just recently tested for antibodies, and it was positive.
Her friend was from southern China, not Wohan.

I had been helping her set up her new yoga studio around that time. In mid
January, I became sick, but did not know what it was. I went for a 23 mile
mountain bike ride with a group here and my lungs hurt and I started 
coughing up gunk. My body started to cramp up and I barely made it all
the way back. This was Jan 18. I also didn't think I had Covid because of
the timeline. Only with the recent details from my friend do I now think
otherwise. So there was definitely Covid-19 here in Scottsdale in January.

There is evidence that the virus can also infect blood vessels via the
same receptor. I don't have the links, but it is contributing to the
severity of the virus, as once past the lungs it can go elsewhere.

I sometimes wonder if the virus is still lurking in my system as every so
often my energy level goes down and I have a mild headache. Or is it
the 100 degree temperature? dust, allergies...

I do credit the vigorous bike riding to have helped me a lot as I never got
very severe. Just gunk in the lungs for several days, and my oxygen level
was down when exercising, headache and body aches.

Nathan's bike riding is a good thing.

So even if I am positive for antibodies, it is still not known what that really
means? Am I still infectious, can I become infectious, is my body still battling
the virus? Will I have it for the rest of my life? If some of this is true then
we are in for a long haul until a widespread vaccine is available. The herd
theory will not protect the more vulnerable.

Because not everyone is as lucky as I was, I live pretty much alone and
am careful when around others. I am used to being alone, but even I
am missing the former normal. 

Live Long and Prosper
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