Re: [OM] Anyone out there?

Subject: Re: [OM] Anyone out there?
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 17:35:45 -0800
> How does one deal with 1300?

Lightroom is awesome.

> How many do you suppose will come out of that trip as final photos?

That's a good question. I tend to overshoot for various reasons
because I can! When I see a scene that I think may yield results, I
usually shoot a wide-horizontal, wide-vertical, zoom-horizontal,
zoom-vertical. If it's potential for a SERIOUSLY big print or
ultra-wide, I'll shoot a bunch to stitch together into a pano. Maybe a
dozen there. If there are multiple options for compositions, I'll do a
few more for that too. In the case where I can't see the viewfinder
and I'm winging it with a prayer, I'll shoot multiples in hopes that
one works.

And of course, there is the issue on these hikes in Alaska that the
scene keeps changing with the clouds, light, and different angles of
the mountains and valleys, so I might end up shooting the same scene
over and over and over again as I progress because it just keeps
getting better and better. As a result, when I do my first pass glance
through lightroom, I have a pretty good idea where my best images
probably are.

As to this last trip, I'll end up with about 10 images that I'll share
on social media, get printed, or otherwise use for personal use. I
think about 30 will end up going to stock. But that's another thing. I
shoot dual purpose. Images intended for stock aren't the type of
images I prefer to share. I'd say that's probably my ratio. For every
1000 pictures, I use 20-30. Obviously, event/wedding photography is an
entirely different animal. I'm just referring to my general purpose
Alaska Photography.

My shooting style has completely changed. In the film era I used to
"pre-chimp, pre-edit". I didn't click the shutter until I knew that I
had something that was ready for use. For the first dozen years of the
digital era, I used to "chimp and cull" as I went along. I'd return
home with fewer pictures as I was already getting rid of the stuff I
shot that I didn't want to bother deleting out of the computer later.
I did that because i didn't have much storage, either in-camera or
in-computer. Now, I just shoot, shoot, shoot, and I rarely ever chimp
at all.

I'm overshooting, but I'm far more experimental than ever before.
Every once in a while, it works out.

AG Schnozz
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