Re: [OM] IMG: backyard BBQ and paella

Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: backyard BBQ and paella
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 10:37:47 -0800
> Food looks good. Living alone I don't spend much time on cooking. I 
> appreciate seeing life being enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. Everyone looks 
> satisfied. Time for a bike ride.

There have been times in my life where I've flip-flopped on the "Live
to Eat" or "Eat to Live" point of view. When I was vegetarian, that
was easily the most unhappy time of my life. Not sure if correlation
is causation, but I'm just stating the facts. During that era, it was
strictly "Eat to Live".

I generally don't care for the "food events" as my ADHD kicks in and
I'd rather just wolf down a hamburger and then go do something. But
these "food events" can be, in themselves, the "do something". One of
the things I look for is whether a 7 hour lunch is 6.5 hours of
preparation and 0.5 hours of actually sitting to enjoy it. Or is it 7
hours of grazing, conversing, and generally having fun. I prefer the
later as it's participatory and engaging. It isn't a couple people
slaving away in the kitchen while everybody else is watching sports on
the television.

Since our restrictions have been mostly lifted, we've been socializing
with friends. We went to a cookout at one house with one set of
friend, last weekend, we had another couple over for a cookout. Then
we had our neighbors over a few days before they moved away. I made
sushi for them. This weekend, we're doing another cookout as well as
going over to another house. We're being safe and smart, and we
consider getting together to be an acceptable risk. It does help that
Alaska is outside of the major blast-zone of the virus and we have a
natural border. While we have cases here, it follows a pretty
predictable and controllable pattern. We're getting together with each
other because travel restrictions are pretty severe for anybody coming
to Alaska from anywhere else, so we have almost no family and friends

The sushi was VERY good, btw.


AG Schnozz
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