Re: [OM] Olympus E-3

Subject: Re: [OM] Olympus E-3
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 10:37:13 -0800
>      I've noticed a few E-3 bodies being offered on evilBay lately, and after 
> looking at the specs I'm wondering if there is any real advantage over the 
> E-520.  Anyone have any hands-on experience with the two?

I have had limited use of the E-520, but I think I can speak to a few things:

1. The E-520 sensor is better. Slightly better dynamic range and less
pattern shadow noise.
2. The E-3 viewfinder is REALLY nice.
3. The E-3 has a far better shutter release.
4. The E-3 is very nice for heavy and long lenses. Much more stable.
5. The E-3 has no real limitations up to the technical specifications.
The E-520 feels like it's getting in your way a little bit as you push
outside of the intended usage design. It's like driving a real sports
car compared to a KIA econobox. Both will drive the speed limit, but
there is a major difference in handling.
6. The E-3 has more peripheral and connectivity options.
7. The E-3 is heavy and has a thick body shape which is not always the
most comfortable to hold for long periods of time. It's NOT like the
E-1 in this regard.
8. The E-3 has a very advanced feature set and customization
capability that allows the camera to conform to just about any
shooting style or subject.

I've actually started using the E-3 a lot more lately since I've
gotten the 14-54. It's become a camera that I don't hesitate to grab
now since I've found some Lightroom adjustments that have really
transformed its imaging capabilities. If I'm shooting airplanes with
the zooms, I really like the E-3, except the IS mode1 is aweful. This
is the only camera I've used with IS that can't figure out that you
are panning on its own. Every other camera understands that you are
tracking something.

I've had a love/hate relationship with the E-3. The sensor is easily
the worst part of the camera. But the funny thing is that I find it
specific to the photographer. I dislike the skintones from the E-3,
but landscapes at ISO 100 are remarkably good.

If the price is decent, I'd certainly get an E-3. It will be a
trade-off camera with the E-520. When you want to travel light, you'll
take the 520, but when you want to be serious about photography, the
E-3 will be the one you want to grab.

One other thing, and it's cycling back to point #2. The viewfinder is
very "bright sunlight" friendly. There are only three digital cameras
that I've been able to see the data display in the viewfinder in
bright sunlight: The E-1, E-3 and 6D. The E-300 is pretty close, but
everything else is in a category of "frame it and hope you got
something to work with in the computer".

AG Schnozz
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