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Subject: Re: [OM] Olympus E-3
From: Chris Trask <christrask@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 14:29:25 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
     Thank you for your informative answer.  In all, I believe I'll stick with 
the E-520 just on the basis of the sensor issue.  I don't even make use of all 
the bells and whistles on that one.

     BTW: I just received a pair of those Tamron 01F 2X teleconverters.  I 
tried one on a 01A 35-80 lens and also on a 22A 35-135 lens.  Being able to 
focus down to less than 6" with the latter is quite amazing.  Those three items 
will make an interesting field kit.

>>      I've noticed a few E-3 bodies being offered on evilBay lately, and 
>>after looking at the specs I'm wondering if there is any real advantage 
>>over the E-520.  Anyone have any hands-on experience with the two?
>I have had limited use of the E-520, but I think I can speak to a few things:
>1. The E-520 sensor is better. Slightly better dynamic range and less
>pattern shadow noise.
>2. The E-3 viewfinder is REALLY nice.
>3. The E-3 has a far better shutter release.
>4. The E-3 is very nice for heavy and long lenses. Much more stable.
>5. The E-3 has no real limitations up to the technical specifications.
>The E-520 feels like it's getting in your way a little bit as you push
>outside of the intended usage design. It's like driving a real sports
>car compared to a KIA econobox. Both will drive the speed limit, but
>there is a major difference in handling.
>6. The E-3 has more peripheral and connectivity options.
>7. The E-3 is heavy and has a thick body shape which is not always the
>most comfortable to hold for long periods of time. It's NOT like the
>E-1 in this regard.
>8. The E-3 has a very advanced feature set and customization
>capability that allows the camera to conform to just about any
>shooting style or subject.



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