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Subject: Re: [OM] Loan camera test
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 14:31:00 -0700
On 6/19/2020 8:26 AM, Chris Barker wrote:
Thanks, Wayne.

It does have the facility to change to two different angles of view, equivalent to 28 and 
50mm – using converters fitted to the front of the lens.  It’s a compact 
system, but the latest model is a tiny bit larger than its predecessors.

One thread of my photographic history is an endless succession of compact cameras. When young and impecunious, I paid close attention to compact film cameras. I was concerned about focusing, and dreamt of a pocketable RF camera. There were a couple I considered, but I didn't buy one until the Oly XA.

The XA is a marvel of design and execution. I loved everything about it, but 
the fixed FL, which drove me crazy. :-)

Somewhere in the parade of a dozen or so fixed lens compacts and 10 interchangeable compact bodies, I tried a Rollei 35. Nope, single FL and focus by guesstimate weren't for me.

As compact cameras got better and their zooms got longer, I liked them better. When Panny added EVFs to their better compacts, I really liked them. Then Sony added an EVF to the RX100.

I know, I know, bigger sensors are better. But, you know, I spend a lot of time inside image files. I simply don't think about whether they are 16 MP 4/3", 20 MP 4/3" or 24 MP FF. They all process the same and give the same sort of results. In decent light, that applies to the 1" sensors in Panny ZS200 and Sony RX10 IV, as well.

Zom Alors Moose

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