Re: [OM] Images on SD card held hostage

Subject: Re: [OM] Images on SD card held hostage
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 18:10:49 -0700
At 6/21/2020 03:26 PM, Mike wrote:
>Took EM1 MkIII for the NABA flutterby count yesterday.  Beastly hot and stayed 
>well away from others and had mask on sometimes. Generally just stayed 10-20 
>ft away as too hot. for mask.
>Had used the card in the Mk11 and took a few test shots and decided not to 
>format--error.  I did not reformat with GM5 for GX 85 and no issues though I 
>did a mock transfer given much more at risk.  As the Oly cams are so close and 
>like to use the cards as dig film, thought I'd get away with it.  I had maybe 
>a couple decent shots of a Bronze copper but the light was harsh and they did 
>not cooperate as too warm.  Windoze does not see the images but the cam does.  
>Will a recovery tool  find them?  I have an additional backup already so will 
>reformat and test the card but suspect the lack of formatting in new cam was 
>the issue.  Someone will know how to get them off. 
>Looking to free the hostage images, Mike

The Sony uses a database on the card so you can't just delete images from the 
card. I always reformat the card when I want to clear it. Many newer cameras 
are using exFAT. Some are FAT32.

Can you access the files via USB cable connected to the camera? If the camera 
can see the files then it may be able to make them available by using the 
camera as a removable storage device on Windoes.


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