[OM] Resurrection! (Fun and Games)

Subject: [OM] Resurrection! (Fun and Games)
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 22:35:33 -0700
So, AG dragged me over to look at the new (-ish?) Facebook OM group.

I saw someone posted a link to a 600/6.5 on the 'Bay in Israel. All kinds of warnings, won't focus, haze, as-is for parts, and so on.

I know Mark K saw it, 'cause he gave a review.

What the heck, I've got little enough gear amusement at the moment. For $220, 
shipped, why not?

It came. I saw. Doesn't focus. Not unexpected. :-)  Doesn't even do anything that looks like nearing focus. But I suspect someone got in there, for whatever reason, and put it back together wrong.

Really easy to open up, three screws and it's in half. Front cartridge comes out easily with three set screws loose and my hand dandy ring wrench. The third group is put in backwards!

Its now rear of it has what appears to be something on the surface, like a hand print. Neither nose grease nor lens cleaner cleans it off. I bet it doesn't affect images, and don't want to damage the (single) coating.

Put it back together. Gotta take a picture! Not much to see at night, with the summer fog in. How about a street light in fog, through trees?

Hey, it works just fine! <https://photos.app.goo.gl/gTaeA9SmuyWZoYYU8>

Tomorrow, some tests in the light, and not wide open.On a nice tripod, EFC, remote release, 8 sec., no sign of camera vibration blur.

Dr. Moose

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