Re: [OM] Nathan's PAD 27/6/2020: sea creature

Subject: Re: [OM] Nathan's PAD 27/6/2020: sea creature
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 12:34:01 +0100
That looks almost like normality, Nathan.  I’m glad that Monica could do her 
paddle-boarding, which I’ve heard is a very calming pastime.


> On 28 Jun 2020, at 06:57, Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I like living close to the sea, but I am not really a beach person. I find 
> sand disagreeable, and swimming is something that might save my life some day 
> if I am on a boat that sinks, but is otherwise not something I do for 
> pleasure. However, now that my daughter has taken up paddle boarding, I 
> sometimes accompany her, with picture opportunities as the incentive. This 
> was the case yesterday. After I came back from my morning bike ride and 
> changed, we walked down to the beach with a couple of beers in the cooler, 
> and she had her fun while I snapped away and sat reading a book once she was 
> too far out for me to capture. Three images.
> Getting started:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-zr54vtT/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-zr54vtT/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-zr54vtT/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-zr54vtT/A>>
> Out at sea:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-vfNCnKw/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-vfNCnKw/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-vfNCnKw/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-vfNCnKw/A>>
> Coming back to shore:
> https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-5LhgPmj/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-5LhgPmj/A> 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-5LhgPmj/A 
> <https://www.greatpix.eu/All/Picture-A-Day/i-5LhgPmj/A>>

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