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Subject: Re: [OM] Reaching the Top
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 08:58:27 -0800
> I said that wrong. I didn't mean to imply your skill and photographic 
> prowess, rather more about the place. Half of a good photo is being there and 
> the place. The other half is skill in making the most of what is there. You 
> excel photographically quite well. I hope your mastery did not take too much 
> offence?

No worries! I knew what you meant, but I just played along with the
alternative narrative. :)

> Alaska has some great views. But dealing with some of the other aspects of AK 
> living... I'm seeing places like the PNW as a more amenable place to live, 
> and scenic. Or even CO. Or maybe the coast of Maine...?  I grew up 
> vacationing in the Rockies. Here from summer 2018 hiking...

Probably the only significant negative to living in Alaska
(south-central region) is the overly long winter and short days for a
couple of months. Most smart people find a way to get out of here for
a few weeks and that is a game-changer. For you, I'd probably have a
place (probably smaller, or whatever) in Arizona, and a place in
Alaska. You'd get the best of both worlds and avoid the worst of both
worlds. Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, California, and Hawaii are
very typical second-home locations for the snow-birds. Oh, and Mexico!
It's mind-boggling the number of people who live in Mexico and Alaska.

The Anchorage area is very comfortable to live in because we are just
the right size to have everything, but not so large that you are
constantly stuck in traffic. And with the military base, it has a bit
of that Colorado Springs feel to it, minus the religious whack-jobs.
It's one of the most "balanced" metro areas I've ever seen.

The old joke about Anchorage not being Alaska, but being just a few
minutes away from Alaska is somewhat true, but also misleading.
However, there are those of us that live right at that boundary.
Alaska is about 20 feet behind our house.

Honestly, I think you would love it here for three reasons: The
absolute beauty and unending photographic opportunities, the outdoor
activities, the people/culture. It's the people and culture that
really makes a place. We watch the news and see all this racial unrest
and it just doesn't apply here. We have issues, sure, but everybody is
from somewhere else.

AK Schnozz
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