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Subject: [OM] Oly-Panny lens compatibility [was New additions to the Living History Farm]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 16:59:55 -0700
On 9/4/2020 8:18 AM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
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I'm curious. I loose track. Some sensors have the thicker sensor stack, like 
the E-1.

All 4/3 format sensors from Oly and Panny are thick, and close to the same thickness, probably optically identical thickness.

Which Oly lenses work on Pannie 4/3s and which work better on the Oly's only?

In basic function, all Oly and Panny µ4/3 lenses are interchangeable.

Their OIS/IBIS coordinated movements are different and not compatible. If I use my PL 100-400 on a Panny body with IBIS, such as the GX9, the lens handles X-Y IS and the body the other three axes. This Dual-IS is true for all Panny OIS lenses. On an Oly body, I must choose between 2-axis OIS or 5-axis IBIS for Panny OIS lenses.

Oly's super Sync-IS is available on only two lenses to date, with one in the wings. Those two lenses on Panny bodies must choose between 2-axis OIS or 5-axis IBIS.

The E-M1 II, III and X PRO Capture Mode, is a fascinating feature where half pressing the shutter release starts capturing frames in a LIFO buffer, until and briefly, after the full press, then saves that buffer to card.

The E-M1 II manual states : "Pro capture is available only with OLYMPUS Micro Four 
Thirds lenses."

Perhaps we need a new term, D(on't) B(elieve)TFM?

The above quote from the manual is not true. I'm an empiricist, so I tried it. "Pro Cap H" is available, and works perfectly, with my PLeica 100-400 mm lens. It also shows on the camera as available with other Panny lenses. The only one I've as yet tried it with is the 100-400, which is the one that matters to me, anyway. At a guess, this should be true of the Mk III, as well.

 What doesn't work with Panny lenses is "Pro Cap L"

The manual is less than enlightening about the two modes. There are other differences, but the basic thing is that "Pro Cap L" runs at up to 18 fps - with continuous focus. "Pro Cap H" runs at up to 60 fps - with focus fixed at the focal distance when the shutter release is first half pressed.

One may let the button up and half press again to change the focal plane. The working buffer is dumped, and restarted. BTW, using a V30, UHS I card, the dump of 18-20 Raw files to card was almost instantaneous.

It appears to me that neither mode is ideal. 18 fps is kinda slow for fast moving subjects, while locked focus isn't perfect for most naturally moving subjects. OTOH, it's a capability I've not had. Just shooting a bird on our fountain, it's apparent it can do new things.

I can think of so many things I've shot in the last few years where having the shot a moment or so before my finger and the shutter managed to get an exposure would have been ideal. With things like the dancers in Bhutan, I could, after watching a bit, anticipate their jumps and start a burst, with great success. With critters, not so much.

BTW, the description of Pro capture in the DPReview review of the E-M1 II is both incomplete and inaccurate. This is a pretty good one. <https://espenhelland.com/pro-capture-settings-for-birds-in-flight/>

Would the 14-35/2 be just as good on the GX9? for instance.

Imagewise, yes, but focus would be unacceptably slow for general use. The 4/3 lenses were designed for PDAF. They are only practical on OM-1 series bodies.

There is another subtle difference. The two makers use different IR cutoffs in their bodies, and their lenses take that into account. Small, bright sources in dark surroundings, such as street lights at night, may have purple halos. IFIRC that's with Panny lenses on Oly bodies? I've never run into it.

You can get a used 12-100 Pro

Moose no-likee. YMMV.

  for half the price of the 14-35/2.

Only if you get an E-M1 series body.

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