Re: [OM] Post storm light

Subject: Re: [OM] Post storm light
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 06:41:41 -0700
At 9/5/2020 04:52 PM, you wrote:
>All trips cancelled but still can get some nice light. We've had a drought but 
>had a T-storm a couple weeks back and it started to clear at dusk,
>Had the glowing post-storm light for a few minutes so grabbed a cam and a 
>Loxia 25/2.4 and a 'pod.  Took a couple grab shots but by time got the 'pod 
>set up the glowing light was gone.
>Topaz Denoise AI to the rescue. Marnie said I should have greened up the back 
>grass in PS.  Mebbe.
>There are worse places to be stuck, Mike

Great lightening and yeah, stuck here in AZ, I am missing some of the lushness. 
Despite possible mosquitoes in the evening. As I look at the photo, I am 
wanting to see a bit wider view, to the left. Maybe to balance it a bit and see 
more of the mid-distance background. But mostly just drink in more of the scene.

Being ready with the tripod is not always possible and the photo we do get is 
better than none. Almost has a Reala look to it.

Who tends to all the flowers?


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