Re: [OM] New additions to the Living History Farm

Subject: Re: [OM] New additions to the Living History Farm
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 09:21:25 -0700
At 9/4/2020 02:19 PM, Mike wrote:
>The AF on Pany bodies undoubtedly slow as molasses.  
><<That is my opinion too. It's easily the sharpest, and most insanely
><<dimensional lens I've ever used. This lens has Lightroom's
><<Texture/Clarity/DeHaze sliders already built-in.
>Sounds like high microcontrast characteristic of many Zeiss lenses.  Many use 
>the C/Y 35-70 f3.4 manual lens on Sonnie for the high microcontrast and "3D 
>The microcontrast can be mimicked in post but the "3D rendering" seems next to 
>impossible at least for me.   Something to do with the transition zone/bokeh  
>rendering it seems.
>Using the C/Y zoom one can not any LCE in post or it looks overcooked. I can 
>tell on the smidgy cam LCD that the lens was used.  Mine developed some play 
>in the barrel and not one shop wanted to service it in the US. 
>They said they were used and abused by pros and then sold and they are a bear 
>to disassemble.  I sent it to the Netherlands on advice from FM people who one 
>it.  On my best adapter though it is a wee smidge off infinity focus 
>now--drat.  Seems I need a shorter adapter now.
><<You end up with a 3D subject that has a distinct separation from what is
>Would like to see the same image(s) as take by the 14-35/2, PL 12-60 and Oly  
>MZ 12-100/4 with a suitable image requiring 3D rendering.  Suspect that is an 
>impossible search.  The 12-100 despite the long FL often does not excel at 
>subject/background separation and that is a bear for me to try and fix in 
>post.   Oh the PL 12-60 has highest mag at long end and the macro 
>ability/rendering is quite nice.  Am not sure can be smitten by an AF lens not 
>made for mirrorless.  The 14-35/2 also is not very good for quick macro.  For 
>some applications on FT and not MFT, one can see how it is attractive. 
>3D rendering fan, Mike

I have had images with the 3D-pop look and part of it seemed more the OOF 
transitions. So in my ignorance of Micro-contrast, I researched a bit.

I too would like to see some examples. There is some various opinions on 
whether micro-contrast can be measured. Also the camera sensor must have 
something to do with it? In my search I found this interesting article (note it 
is a bit satirical):


In the article he gives an example of the Nikon 24-120 f/4 and 85/1.4. At first 
I thought my eyes were defective, so make sure you read the last paragraph.

Moose, you may recognize the cat in his article - same as your "Tuesday Cat" 
posted a while back (3/10/2020).

Anyone have some 3D-pop examples? Or other lenses to wax philosophical about?

110mm stack.


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