[OM] IMG: Nathan's PAW 36: last week of working at home

Subject: [OM] IMG: Nathan's PAW 36: last week of working at home
From: Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 20:51:11 +0200
Working at home since March has been tiring in one way—meetings via MS Teams 
are more tiring than traditional ones and more effort is required to stay 
connected in every sense of the word—but it also brings some spare time and 
flexibility, partly due to the saving of commuting time, and partly because it 
is kind of liberating to attend meetings in shorts. So I used the week to cycle 
a lot, see our friends (staying well below the key number of 10), and enjoying 
the place where I live at what is arguably the nicest time of the year, 
weather-wise and otherwise. So I give you nice landscapes both at the seaside 
and in the mountains, nice people and dogs, and much else:


As always, comments and critique are welcome and appreciated.


Nathan Wajsman

Alicante, Spain
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