Re: [OM] Pond in the Tundra

Subject: Re: [OM] Pond in the Tundra
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 09:38:34 -0800
Philippe wrote:
> VERY nice !

Thank you.

> Are the colours true? Or was some magic powder involved in post? It looks so 
> saturated that I immediately thought « polarized", which it isn’t if I can 
> trust the reflection on the water)

No polarizer was used. Are the colors/colours true? Yes. Is there
increased clarity, saturation and contrast applied? Yes. However, I
didn't get nearly as aggressive with the settings as I normally do,
but applied the settings to better match the results I would have
expected to get from Fujichrome Velvia. With some cameras that's
harder to achieve than others.

The Sony A7 series tends to allow for a good rough-draft editing start
point in Lightroom with the following settings to achieve a simplified
modernized Velvia look:

- Adobe Color (or sometimes Adobe Landscape)
- Daylight WB
- Highlights -100
- Shadows +100
- White point almost to clip
- Black point almost to clip
- Texture +10
- Clarity +10
- Dehaze +10
- Vibrancy +10

If you try these settings with any other camera, you'll end up with
"Entangled Moose Socks."

I'll check to see how far off my actual settings for this picture were
from the above, but it's likely close. The same shot taken with the
E-3 required very little processing and was used as a guide for the
Sony image.

AG Schnozz
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