Re: [OM] Olympus Petition / 90mm Macro w/ ext.

Subject: Re: [OM] Olympus Petition / 90mm Macro w/ ext.
From: ONLYOLYBW@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 21:24:46 EDT
Hi Giles,
You are correct, It is also listed in the 3Ti manual.  I have only had my 3Ti
for 6 months and I did not notice the addition.

In a message dated 6/22/98 2:50:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
cnocbui@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
 They may not recommend it but in the handbook for the 4Ti they at 
 least have a chart of the mag ratios you would get with the 90mm f2 + 
 65-116 auto tube... 0.72x - 1.72x.
 For that matter the chart does not 'recommend' the use of the auto 
 tube with the 50mm f2/3.5 either.  Using any of these lenses with the 
 Atube is classed as the 'composite' method wheras using the Atube and 
 the macro lenses that require extension is called the 'professional' 
 > From:          ONLYOLYBW@xxxxxxx
 > When I got into Macro a few years ago, I was in a dilemma between going
 > the 90mm or to go with the 65-116 Auto tube w/ macro lenses.  I noticed in
 > literature that OLY does not show on any of its charts where one should add
 > extension to the 90mm to get to 1X mag. while they do for the 50 mm macros.
 > was a little concerned with this so I decided to go with the auto tube and
 > & 80mm macro lenses.  I am sure adding extension to the 90 mm works, I just
 > wonder why OLY does not recommend it. >>

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