Re: [OM] Digital OM-5?

Subject: Re: [OM] Digital OM-5?
From: "John Petrush" <petrush@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 21:34:06 -0700
You are, of course, exactly correct Lee.  I neglected readout time
completely.  Thank you.

A very famous and wealthy man once said something to the effect that there
is no way anyone will ever need more than 640KB of memory in a personal
computer.  15 years later, the PC used to enter this has 100 times that much
memory and room for 400 times that much.  Oh yeah, its half the price
too.....without inflation adjustments.

So as not to repeat this famous man's folly, I'm reluctant to say never, but
I'm hard pressed to see a digital device match what my OM-4T, equipped with
and MD-2 and a 250 back filled with PMC, can do.  250 frames in 50 seconds;
a new frame every 0.2 sec at up to 1/2000 sec action freezing speed. In full
color.  At much greater than 3000x2000 resolution.  Neat trick - I can
hardly wait.

Maybe in another 15 years CCD's will make these huge technological leaps,
and price plummets, like the PC biz has done.  And then stabilize so the
image I capture on a flash RAM card will last 100 years, or even 10, before
the storage technology is obsolecesed twice over.

John P
My Grandfather taught me to live by two rules.  Rule #1:  Don't tell folks
everything you know.

Lee Hawkins <lhawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> correctly pointed out:
>True, but the readout time of the chip *does* limit how fast you can
>take exposures.  If the chip doesn't have a frame transfer area (half
>the CCD, the same size as the imaging part of the chip, but shielded
>from light) to quickly move the image to for slower readout, then you
>are limited by the readout of the chip.  I think this is around
>10Mpixels/second currently, but I'm not sure you can read out that fast
>and still have meaningful 32 bit images due to read noise.  Also, if you
>have a 3kx4k chip to start with, in order to have a frame buffer on chip
>you need another 3kx4k area, which makes the chip, say, 6kx4k.  Now
>we're pushing the 9kx9k state of the art, and that ain't cheap!

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