Re: [OM] OM-4 or 4t

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-4 or 4t
From: Wayne Shumaker <shumaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 15:27:32 -0400
>Per writes:
>>  . .  . couldn't gaskets for OM-4/T/Ti be installed in
>>  an OM-2S body to make it weatherproof? I always thought also that it
>>  was only the latest OM-4T/Ti that was weatherproof, not the older
>>  OM-4.

According the the OM-4 brochure I have "The Measure of the Professional"
the OM-4 was increased by 1mm to accomidate the seals. Hence the bottom
plate covers are 1mm more than OM-1's and 2's.

"Shower Resistant Sealings
   The reason the OM-4 is just a fraction larger than the OM-2 has
nothing to do with the Multi Spot Metering function, or with the many
other refinements incorporated in this new model. ... The extra millimeter
is taken up by a layer of shower resistant sealings that makes the OM-4
considerably more resistant to inclement weather."


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