Re: [OM] Be Wary of Photographic Photo & Video!

Subject: Re: [OM] Be Wary of Photographic Photo & Video!
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 12:50:06 -0400
 "George M. Anderson" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>It seems to be an unfortunate fact of life that almost every >camera
>dealer in New York is basically a THIEF.
>I had not heard of Photographic, but I had was burned by >Cambridge
>camera 11 years ago and learned my lesson. Which is:  >don't buy from any
>store except ** B&H or Adorama **.  And sometimes even >Adorama will try
>to get away with little things.
I have been dealing with the two, B&H and Adorama, more with the former and less
with the latter.  I have dealt with Cambridge Camera once, and in my experience
there was no problem.  Maybe I was just lucky at that time.

This time I was hoping to spend as little money as possible with the converter,
so that was why I called PhotoGraphic and another place 21st Century which is
also reputed to be just as shady as PhotoGraphic.

Today I tried to get an RMA to no avail.  The customer service tried to replace
the item with a correct item.  He finally gave me an RMA, but said it so fast
that I could not write it down. When I asked for a repeat, he refused and hung
up!  I talked with my credit card bank twice so far.  I am going to return the
item and get a proof of return.  Then I can get the bank to fight the merchant
to get the refund.

Since Photographic sells Olympus product, I thought that everyone should be
aware of their shady practice.

I don't understand why such a merchant is allowed to put an ad in Shutterbug or
Pop Photo.

Tomoko Yamamoto

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