RE: [OM] Recent visit to Midwest Photo

Subject: RE: [OM] Recent visit to Midwest Photo
From: "Brian P. Huber" <bphuber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 23:34:22 -0400
Told you folks I would stop in at Midwest Photo on my way to Cleveland this
week.  Well, it got a little complicated because:1. the guy I usually deal
with was on vacation, 2. There was an accident right in front of the store
which caused a big distraction and 3. I got an emergency page while in the
store that I had to respond to.
But, I did write down what was on the shelf. so, here goes...
1. T45 flash, in box, ?$
2. T45 NiCad Pak 1, in box, ?$
3. T45 Charger, in box, ?$
4. MD2, in box.  Did see price, $125 asking
5. M15V NiCad Charger 1, in box, ?$
6. 24m 3.5 Shift, in box, ~$1235 asking
7. (2) 300 4.5 Zuiko, one in case, ?$
8. 75-150 4.0, ?$
9. 35 2.8 Shift (MC I think), ~$579 asking
10. 80 4.0 Bellows macro. ?$
11. Auto Bellows, ?$
12. (4) 50 1.8 (in case anybody needs one for ADITL 2 (;>).

Also, there was a Vivitar Series 1 70-210 3.5, not working right for $69.
Seemed tight in barrel, diaphragm looked good.

If there is interest in anything, let me know.  I will be happy to try and
stop in the store on my way back to Troy, OH, or I could even make a special
trip if you REALLY WANT (80 miles from my house)!   The guy to talk to is
Abdi.  E-mail address is: mpx@xxxxxxxx. But, it's best to talk on phone or
have me go in.  Deals are best that way, my experience.

Brian P. Huber

Troy, OH

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