Re: [OM] Introduction

Subject: Re: [OM] Introduction
From: "Ron Crabtree" <crabtree@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 21:19:40 -0600
> I have been thinking of getting a New OM 4Ti.  I have an OM 2n and OM 10,
> but reading the propaganda on the 4Ti's metering, really makes me want
> Although expense is an issue, I would seriously consider it if it were
> it.  I guess what I want, is someone to talk me IN to it! <smile>

Why buy a NEW OM4t?  I have been very happy with used models, and they can
be obtained for less than half of a new OM4ti.  Be prepared to pay more for
a black model, though.  As for talking you into it, I have used the Om4T for
over ten years and would never part with mine.  I challenge anyone to find a
body more durable and versatle but so very small and lightweight.  The
lightweight issue dissapears when you add a winder or drive, but try and
find a meter anywhere else that allows multispot metering and metered
exposures of 4 minutes!!!  You will not be dissapointed with an Om4t, but if
I were going to spend OVER $1000 for a new body, I would buy a Canon EOS-3
and sell all of my manual focus lenses. Buy a used Om4t from the list or
ebay and be a happy camper.

Ron Crabtree
Santa Fe, NM

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