RE: [OM] A Soft Answer Turneth Away Rays

Subject: RE: [OM] A Soft Answer Turneth Away Rays
From: Olaf Greve <Ogreve@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 12:49:02 +0200

>> Has any of you Zuiks ever seen real "scanner-induced" fogging or other
>> problems?

I have only had one bad experience, when I came back from Japan (Tokyo
Narita airport), I had some 13 rolls of film. 12 of them were just stored
unprotected in my bag (i.e. the only thing that protected the film itself
was the metal cannister it comes in), and the other roll was stored in the
camera. The X-ray machines at Narita airport state that you should only take
care with high-speed films (1600 ASA and up, if memory serves me right), and
since I was using 100 and 200 ASA film, I decided it should be safe to let
everything just go through.

The twelve loose rolls didn't suffer any X-ray damage, but the roll in the
camera did have something weird: I had taken some 12 photos on that roll,
and then finished it off in The Netherlands. All pictures taken in The
Netherlands had excellent colours, and nothing was amiss, but the ones that
I had taken in Japan (and hence we're not in the _cannister_, but just in
the _camera back_ when it went through the X-ray machine) looked really
weird. They reminded me of papers which are left too long (months) in direct
sunlight, they kinda had an "oldish-yellow" fog/shade/cast over them. These
pictures contained outside pictures in normal daylight, of which I've taken
hundreds in my life, so it's not like they were simply indoor pictures which
came out badly because of lack of a flash.

I'm not certain whether the X-ray machine caused this, or whether it was
something else, but the fact that the other pics came out perfectly does
make me wonder...

Anyone else had something similar happening? Tomoko?


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